We Offer:

  • Gemstone Identification Certificates. We offer the large certificate which includes a photograph or the credit card size certificate. Straight forward gem identification is R310 per stone for the mini certificate. The fee for the larger certificate is R340 per stone for the straight forward gem identifications. We will quote on the more sophisticated gem identifications. Extra fees will be charged for specialised testing i.e. checking for copper in tourmaline.
  • Colour Stone Reports. We offer an abridged report which is credit credit card size and the full coloured stone reports. Fees depend on the category of gemstone. The price list can be downloaded below.
  • Expert Gem And Jewellery Appraisals  DONE WHILE YOU WAIT by an Accredited Senior Gemmologist (AGA)
    We offer impartial, unbiased valuations on jewellery, diamonds and coloured gemstones. Unbiased because we do not buy and sell jewellery. Gold and foreign exchange prices change daily which directly affect the value of your gemstones and jewellery. If your items are undervalued your insurance company will only pay according to your previous valuation certificate which could cost you dearly.

If you are wanting to sell your jewellery or gemstones get them valued so that you are in control of the price you should get.

Jewellery Valuations.
All valuations are performed by Jeremy Rothon FGA. To schedule an appointment, kindly fill out the form below or call me on 021 761 1746.